Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend here I come ...Readathon Day #2

Friday night . . . after a long week  . . . one of my favorite things.   Chilling in front of the TV for Blue Bloods.  It's also day number 2 of the Sister Readathon so I will spend all the rest of the evening with a good book.  Talk Before Sleep . . . is turning out to be a great story.   Later in the weekend I will give a review of the book and share some of my favorite passages but for tonight it's just freedom to read.

Except that I do have to take Tami up on her challenge for the night!  Check it out here at her blog, Just One More Thing.  She asks why I read and what I gain from it?

Reading has always meant one thing to me and I don't know if its common with all readers - I would assume it is the very biggest reason most people read - and that is to be transported to another place and time.  The minute I start a book I picture the house in the story or the front porch or the lake or the city that is described.  So I think that we gain imagination from reading - because there is nothing else that I do that forces my brain to work the way it does during reading.  I love movies more than books I have to admit - but movies are strictly sit down and get involved in - it's all right there in front of you in big screen, high definition, colored TV.    When I read my mind goes to work!!

And that's a good thing.

Good challenge question sis, and so I answer back with a challenge for tomorrow a.m.   In the wee hours of the morning when the coffee is brewed - read 10 pages and find something to share!!  Come back here and post it or write your own post!

Hope some of the rest of you join us!

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