Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sister Readathon Update

I asked the question so I am required to answer it . . .

My sister Tami and I have started an impromptu readathon tonight and plan to continue it through Friday and the weekend!  Great fun!  With the use of text messages, face book, and our blogs it's almost like being in the same room reading and discussing over a cup of hot tea.

Two cups that is for me tonight.    Two phone calls - one with mom and one with dad.  And now I'm back to my original reason for posting - to answer my challenge question.

Describe a main event in your life and the book that you were reading at the time.    Tami had a very good reply to this and I can also relate a couple of times back to my childhood days of reading.

     #1 - I remember the day in first grade that I realized I was in the top reading group - I believe they were called Reading Group A, Reading Group B, and Reading Group C.  Of course everyone knew the kids in Group C were slower readers.  Oh but hey we all grew up and survived it!!!  But I won't get started on how parents are these days with wanting no competition in the classroom or athletic field!

     #2 - I remember how when I started reading The Nancy Drew Mysteries and read like 27 of them or some such number - - - that it struck me how cool it was that people could write these stories with twists and turns and mysteries in them!  

The time period in my life that I will always remember was when I got hooked on the Janette
Oke pioneer women series in the late 1990's - 2000.   I remember settling in with a great story as I waited up for a teenager to come in.    The books mesmerize me as I put myself back in those days and try to imagine housekeeping and homemaking with the very little they had.    I read several different series - with my all-time favorite being the Canadian West series and a book called The Calling of Emily Evans.    I guess the stories were simple, hopeful, easy to read and comforting.  Just what the mother of teens requires to make it through?  Do you agree?

Happy Reading!

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  1. We're both learning new things about the other. I didn't know you read Nancy Drew. From the school library? City library?

    I, too, loved the Emily Evans story. I loaned out my copy and it never returned, so I haven't re-read it for many years. I should check it out at the library.

    You are so right - a peaceful, simple, inspiring story is the perfect thing for a mother of teens!!! :)


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