Wednesday, January 22, 2014


A huge thanks to BFF sister and fellow blogger, Tami Erwin from Just One More Thing for my updated blog face!!  It's wonderful!!

Recently I shared that I plan to have some fun at work this year!  I say that because all of us at my job would agree the last two years of going through a computer conversion - also known as our trip to hell and back . . . was not fun.

Early last Fall I ran across a promotion by the Arthritis Foundation.  It struck me as something fun we could promote at the first of the new year.   I signed us up.  Stipulations are:  Walk 30 minutes a day for at least 3 days each week.  We all received a very nice book with facts about arthritis, walking, nutrition, etc.  It included a walking journal and a free pedometer and back pack!

I rolled this idea out to the ladies of my department last week with the incentive that I would bring treats of some kind each week for the six week journey. Everyone quickly hooked on their pedometer to see if they could arrive at 10,000 steps per day! 

First week I focused on our bodies need for H20 - the blue stuff - water!!  Our incentive and reward for week #1 was a bottle of happy water and some granola bars! 

This week I am going to reward with some nutrition facts and a fruit tray to share on Friday.  I only know of one co-worker who reads my blog - so Phyllis - spoiler alert - - -

The next week will focus on our need for "greens" in our diet - and Vegies and dip will be served!

I will turn to the exercise promotion for the next two weeks - one week I think everyone will receive a new pair of walking socks!  Gotta have those right??  The next feet - since I know several Avon reps - INCLUDING me - we will be rewarded with Avon's cooling foot cream!!  Just what we need after the miles and miles we will have tread! 

Then dear readers - - - I'm undecided on my final incentive/reward!  Can you help me with some ideas?

Blessings in health and fitness for 2014!  AND - as one of my 7 focuses for the year - - - having stress free days at work! 

                       WEEK #1 REWARD

For more information about arthritis and healthy living - check out

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  1. What a great way to encourage healthy habits.

    I want to work for you! :)


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