Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend Read - Readathon Day #3

It's early afternoon on Day #3 of the Sisters Readathon and it has been a great success!  All signed up to read agree!   All two of us!    A little laundry done and a little kitchen floor mopped . . . on to enjoying a great book or two.

I'm posting a fun challenge for the next two hours - You have until 3 p.m. to find your favorite quote about reading and make it a post!!  To get your mind rolling . . . 

Quotes are Great
Books are Greater  
Quotes about Books are the GREATEST! 

by Teri Henningsen  LOL


  1. I chose my quote(s) - couldn't limit myself to one - and they are posted on my blog.

    1. Asking someone to list their favorite quotes about books is like asking them to name their favorite books . . . hey I think that is a quote I heard somewhere! :)


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