Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sister Readathon Final Chapter

Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.

That's exactly how I felt when I wrapped up my first book for 2014.  Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg was a tender story about two best friends and their journey through breast cancer.  I'm used to watching Hallmark movies where many times the main character survives and beats the odds.  Not to be in this story.  You always wonder how you would deal with a life threatening disease and I tend to avoid thinking about it.  I think that is what intrigued me about the book.  Every day common folk dealing with death - when you are facing it you can't just ignore it - and the two friends and their circle of friends lived it.  I found on paper all of the questions a person like me would wonder about but dare not ask.  Ruth asked many times, "how will I know when it's time?", will it be painful, will I be aware?"  Sometimes just getting it out there and talking about it takes away the fear. That is what I believe anyway.    Five stars for the book.  Well written.  The author went back and forth with past and present times - letting you see how the best friends met and became "bests".  

It's Sunday and Tami and I have decided to end the readathon, declaring it a successful run!

Meanwhile I went through the books in my "library."   Book #2 will be the third in a series of Detective Dido Kent stories.  I normally don't want to read books out of order :) but since this was a free book that I won as a prize in an earlier readathon - I will force my OCD tendencies out of the way and read what I have.  A Woman of Consequence looks like a little stretch for me - it's a mystery - and hopefully I can see it through to the end.  Anna Dean is the author and the other books in the series are A Gentleman of Fortune and Bellfield Hall - The Dido Kent Series.

Hope you enjoyed following along with us this weekend.  Maybe you even picked up a book and read with us!  Let me know what you are reading and why?  Where is your favorite corner to go and read? What are your reading goals for 2014?

Blessed with a weekend to spend with books!

Side note:  Reading more as you know is one of my focuses for the New Year!  Feels great to have accomplished one step in that plan already!

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