Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More signs of spring . . .

I may be rushing the season - the weather channel keeps talking snow - but I can't help myself! In prep for spring I decided to take the challenge from Trish and Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity to Pin It and Do It in February. I did make a new spring wreath which you can read about here. Now I have pinned a redo on an old metal magazine rack, turning it into nothing but a beautiful apple red plant holder! Clay and I found the old magazine relic at 2nd Hand Hannemann's in Salina, KS. A great little store with some really nice things - and we found just what we needed for OUR version of the red planter.

Clay got into the action on this project and first sawed off the handle at the top and then spray painted the new planter, as me and paint in ANY COMBINATION is nasty. I am barely allowed near finger nail polish!! And here is the finished product!


Now to add some flowers and this garden piece will take it's place at the front door matching the patriotic theme that welcomes folks to our home in the summer months!

Here is the original pin - Thanks to Deborah for her great idea!!

This finishes up my February Pin-It Do-It Challenges! Thanks to Trish this is always a lot of fun!

And as promised - here's some free advertising for the great people at 2nd Hand Hannemann's!


  1. Awesome idea! Yours turned out so cute - can't wait to see it on your porch.

  2. I MUST do this!! Thank you for spreading a great idea and sharing your results. :)


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