Friday, October 26, 2012

Blessings in our own back yard ...

As  you all know we have been enjoying the cool autumn nights by sitting by a fire on our patio.  My sister and brother-in-law gave us the best housewarming gift of our fire pit.    We love it.  We enjoyed a cozy fire for two and then had friends come over for hotdogs and smores.  Conversation flows when you sit gazing into the pretty colors of a fire.  The evenings have been just perfect for this!

It's a blessing in itself that we are enjoying some relaxation with the fire pit because at our former home we didn't have a patio and actually had a rock-filled driveway that made sitting around on lawn chairs a little hard.

So - patio - fire pit - friends - hotdogs and smores - what else could we need??


We have never been ones to need fire wood or kindling - no fireplaces in our homes - no wood burning stoves - so we quickly grabbed up a few "store-bought" mountain pine logs to start a quick fire.  We first tried this in the little cabin up in Estes Park and tried some more here at home.  Nice touch - but not a big fire starter - we needed "real wood" for a real fire.

We discussed our options - buying from a guy we know - seeing if my dad had a creek we could walk - drive up to Tami's and raid Green Acres of some wood - and then it came so clear to Clay . . .

We have been waiting and waiting AND waiting for a couple guys we know to come and take down two dead trees in our yard . . . dead trees . . . dead wood . . . wood for a fire???  So that was Clay's plan and it worked great - in no time he had some wood ready for an after work fire with a co-worker tonight - - -

Great find!

Carol and I - relaxing after a busy day at work!

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  1. There's nomore relaxing end to a day than a cozy fire. Enjoy! ( and youre always welcpme to raid Green Acres)


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