Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home improvement ...

[repeated line whenever Tim makes a smart comment on Tool Time

Al: I don't think so, Tim. 

You know how it is when you move - home repairs, small fixes, and sometimes even home improvements . . . 
Even if you are the family pet . . . 

We purchased a really nice dog house for our big dog Roy and in fact, we are on our second house just like the first.  Very sturdy, roomy, made of durable hard rubber, insulated, with removable windows, and quite classy looking as dog homes go.    The first one was chewed on?? and wore out . . . the door was broken and would not swing shut - couldn't find screws to hold it . . . and after five years we decided Roy deserved an upgrade.

Don't know if it's an upgrade when it's an identical replacement . . . but it was new!  And airtight and water tight . . . so we thought.

Move to Beloit and although it was a summer of drought - on the rare occasion that we did see a storm - Roy needed an ark . . . He would end up sitting outside in the mud with all of his blankets (yes the 116 pound animal has blankies).  Clay caulked the top . . .[lolo[-   ooops - little dog trying to blog there for a minute.  Next downpour Roy goes for higher ground again.  

If you are a pet lover you know the feeling when you see yours uncomfortable right?  I know dogs are tough they can survive much but all you really want to do is provide them with food, clean fresh water every day, a place to play and a warm dry place to sleep.

So Clay decides he will remodel, start from the ground up, take it apart and figure out where the water is coming in.  So an hour later the house is apart, washed out, cleaned up, dried off, and caulked at the base as well.  Carpet added because all good dogs need a carpeted dog home right?  Top back on, sides screwed together with 16 total screws now instead of 4 (did they really make this for a big dog) and every visible seam caulked.    

Wait and see . . . 

Next plan . . . buy a new one .. . .but until then . . . Roy seems to be surviving . . .  

Tim: If it doesn't say "Binford", someone else made it. 

Blessings in a comfortable home.


  1. Awww..... Roy does deserve a new home to go with your new home. :) And home improvement projects always turn out to be more work than you thought.

  2. haha uh sis I think you posted a comment while you were being ME repairing my blog - confused me for a minute :) I'm so glad I have you to be my tech support.


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