Monday, October 29, 2012

Excuse me Rachael Ray ...

Baking Dish???

Family in the house - what a joy!
Menus planned ahead - so easy!
Roast and vegetables in the oven - lunch at 1 p.m.!

I have always loved the Rachael Ray line of products.  I love to watch her show and dream of cooking like that.  Her kitchen is fun.  Her colors are vibrant.  Only problem being that I was a Pampered Chef Consultant for several years and so I just could NOT be buying any Rachael Ray products.   No Paula Deen or Giada . . . 

Then I recently let go of my PC business.
First thing I did was purchase online a set of RR Bubble Pans in ruby red!!

Very excited to use them when my daughter and her husband visited this last weekend.  Lunch was prepared and in the oven - off to the Holiday Fair for a morning of early Christmas shopping!

Not happy to find out when returning home 3 1/2 hours later that lunch was still very much unbaked, uncooked, and unappetizing!  Does anyone of my readers know why this happened?  My oven temp was 350 degrees and had been turned up to 375 degrees.  I'm assuming that this is not an ideal roasting pan??  It was hard to put foil over to cover it - and with the holes in the sides I assume it did not hold the heat in??  Maybe a good pan for baking lasagna?? But not for roasting meat?

Thankfully I have an understanding and forgiving family . . . 

Blessings in that . . . and in Plum Creek Restaurant for a delicious (and done) lunch!

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  1. Strange, I would think meat and veg would roast - even uncovered- in that amount of time. Have you verified your oven temp is accurate? Glad you had a backup plan and understanding family.


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