Friday, October 5, 2012

Devil machine ...

As ye sew, so shall ye rip.  ~Author Unknown

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do . . . There is a reason that this machine pictured above has not been out of the closet very often.  It does not have a prominent place in the house, it doesn't have a "room" to call it's own, and it is in fact still like new.  Several years ago I asked my children to get me this machine for Christmas.  They are such good children and did just what I asked.  

Sometimes I wonder why I ask for the things I ask for . . .I have good intentions and think that I SHOULD like to sew.  I learned as a child from the best, my mom.  I learned again in high school from Mrs. Ault.  I sewed.  I could lay out a pattern - correctly - and cut it out - sew it up - Yes I sewed. And so recently when challenged to try some of the "great ideas" I have on Pinterest and "unpin" them and actually do them - I thought of course I can sew a pillowcase - they looked so cute on my board.  

Sometimes I wonder why I think the things I do . . . Drag out the Devil Machine . . . and prepare it for sewing my sister the seamstress said . . . Set it up - thread it - get out the iron - and be ready to go on the first project!    I decided to practice sewing a little - just a seam or two - and that was when my problems began.  Sew two stitches, lock up tight, grind and groan, and alas a wad of thread would be the end result; got out the manual, rethreaded the machine, checked the directions on the bobbin placement and placed it back in 2 and 3 times, sew two stitches, lock up tight, grind and groan, and again more thread.  Rethreaded step by step; took out the bobbin; replaced it; sew two stitches, lock up tight, grind and groan, dig out thread ball, turn sewing machine on it's side and dig out thread with needle nose pliers and a toothpick.  

Sometimes I wonder why not call mom??  That is what I did - she came over the next evening - rethreaded the machine - liked the bobbin placement - sat down began to sew and exclaimed, "This sews lovely!"  My head hit the table at this point.  

Sometimes you just need mom's touch!  

Sometimes a person needs to rethink the choices they make . . . Maybe at 53 I don't like to sew?  Maybe there is a reason I haven't sewed much? But I will give this a try. I have planned two projects to do for the challenge.  Stay tuned and listen for any sudden loud noises from north central Kansas over the weekend.  It might be the Devil Machine flying out the window!

Mom's touch does it every time!


  1. Dave and I are rolling!!! I can hear Mom saying "This sews lovely." And I can see your head hitting the table. :D

    But I've also seen the pillowcases you made and they're adorable. Maybe a "middle-aged" dog can (re)learn new tricks.

  2. Casey pointed out that mom is actually whistling while she works!


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