Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rockin' Robin

Recently I shared that I was grieving the loss of a very dear friend - my Trumpet Vine Tree.  Story told here.  I have been pleasantly happy to find that I have other "friends" here at my new house.

One morning about two weeks ago as I was sleeping in - or trying to sleep in - my dog Dodger and I heard a knock knock knock . . . tap tap . . . knock . . . tap . . . then it stopped and we went back to sleep.

A few days later I walked by the laundry room and something red caught my eye!  There outside the window sat a red bird? a cardinal?   Now I'm not a bird watcher - have never cared for birds particularly.  Don't want one in my house.   I thought to myself - hmmm - - - that IS where I heard the knocking and tapping coming from??

Next day at work I talked with a co-worker and told her about the strange noise and the bird sighting. She exclaimed, "That's what red birds do!  They are known for knocking on windows!"

Sure enough - now every day since - I will be at work in the kitchen or blogging in the living room OR trying to sleep in and again I will hear knock knock and tap tap.  I have even seen the bird in action.  I pictured the pretty red thing knocking with it's beak from the branch it perches on, but not so!  I saw the bird fly to the window and kerwham knock knock . . tap tap.  So I am not sure if that is how the bird knocks or if the bird thinks he is flying through air (A compliment to my clean windows?)   Either way I have become accustomed to this new little friend.

I write about this to say that I find it awesome to serve a great big God who once again has cared enough to send me something new to marvel at.  I have mentioned that I have roses now - that was the first big surprise.  Having a "bird" friend is the second big surprise.

I'm asking all of you my readers (I say that cuz I like to pretend I have a following) to help me name my friend the bird.    I'd appreciate any information about the bird pictured below.  Which brings me to my addendum to this story:  I cannot catch the bird to take his picture!   I hear the familiar knocking and I grab the Ipad to take a great shot - but 9 out of 10 tries the minute I step into the room - he hops back to a branch that is partially hidden.  Does he see me??

Hopefully better pictures will follow.  In the meantime, Clay and I plan to study up on what they eat. Blessings found in new discoveries in a new place and God's nature - a bird.


  1. I love cardinals and I see them at the bird feeder, nutnever had one at my window. I'm voting that you call him Ozzie after St. Louis Cardinals hall-of-famer Ozzie Smith.

  2. I like Ozzie - I'll consider it!

  3. Okay after perusing through the long list of names submitted - we choose . . . Ozzie!!! Dodger and Ozzie spend the day together now in the laundry room - I'm getting ready to post a story about cardinals but it says that males think the reflection they see in the window is a competitor and that is why they try to whack them I guess.


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