Monday, October 22, 2012

These Boots Were Made for Walking ...

Tennis shoes are not my thing . . . so when I told Clay a year ago that I was going to purchase a pair of bright green and white Reeboks for "walking" and "working out" he said - "yeh right".  I told him I would prove to him that I would stick with it.

Well many months later and surprisingly, many miles later, the green tennies have two holes and are not very comfortable anymore . . .

Whole new story this time when I announced I was buying a brand new pair of walking shoes . . .
This time I was met with "sure - you deserve them"!!  I had proven myself worthy.

So was in Texas - and went bopping proudly around the shoe aisle to show my son and husband a pair of Skechers - and they were very nice - slip-ons - comfy - Well . . . I could tell by Todd's facial expression upon seeing me in them - this was a poor choice.  I had on dingy socks that stuck out of the tops of the shoes - was that it??  Or was it that  "they looked like a box of multi-colored highlighters exploded and landed on a shoe"?? said Todd compassionately.

EZ Flex - To The Max
So I continued to look

THESE ARE AMAZING LADIES!!  They are Skechers Shape-Ups.  Designed to give you the most from your work-out.  They have a rolling type of sole.  I don't know what all they are designed for - but they are so comfortable.  Not one of my toes were scrunched - my heel did not rub - I felt like I could do jumping jacks right there in the store!!  And even though they do resemble a pink and yellow highlighter - they met the approval of all. 

Blessings in Happy Feet!!

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  1. I can just see Todd's expression at the colorful shoes. :) Glad you found some that feel good and will encourage you to keep up the walking.


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