Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And one said thank you . . .

Due to an extreme change in my schedule . . . 10 year old granddaughter with us for spring break . . . I did not get my Sunday School posting done.

As you know I have recently started teaching Pre-school/Kindergarten Sunday School and this third week we had four students. My granddaughter Elaine said she would help me teach. She is a big sister of younger siblings - twins that are 7 and one that is 5. She can handle preschoolers pretty well!!

Ten gum balls, ten crayons, ten straws, ten golf balls, ten fruit snacks, and ten stickers. Can you guess the Bible story for the day??  Elaine hid the sets of "ten" items around the classroom and let the kids look for them.  We had them count the items to make sure there were l0 in each group.

News Break:  Ten men healed from awful, contagious, skin disease known as leprosy, by a man named Jesus and only one, JUST ONE, said Thank You!'

It's a story that preschoolers can certainly relate to because what is one of the first things parents teach their children . . . say please and thank you!

What is it that is your "leprosy" - that you have been healed from? What is it that you want to say thank you to God for?

Take time to do that today!

Elaine reading the story to the students

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