Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kansas City Lights ...

The trouble with the family is that children grow out of childhood, but parents never grow out of parenthood.
EVAN ESAR, The Comic Encyclopedia

 Last week my husband and I got to have a joy-filled meal with our kids - and although parts of our "people" were missing it was great to connect.

Our son, Todd, was in Kansas City on business for a few days and we were able to make arrangements to meet him for dinner one night. We picked up our granddaughter in Junction City and headed east.

Our daughter Casey and her husband Tracy joined us as well. We spent the time hanging out at Famous Dave's - talking, laughing, and just catching up.

For a few minutes the next day (or maybe it was an entire day) I felt melancholy that I only got to see Todd for 3 hours - you see he and his family live in South Texas and we see them regularly but I don't know that I had ever gotten to see Todd for a short period and then have to say good-bye again - so this was a mixed blessing I thought - 3 hours was not nearly long enough!!

Now that I have gotten that little "pity party" over with - - - I realize that I WAS and still AM very glad to have had that blessing!! It was a really fun time. Whether it be 3 minutes or 3 days - Thank you Lord for taking care of us in this way! Blessings!

Todd and his youngest daughter Elaine

                                                                    Father and Son!

                                                            Tracy     Clay     Todd
                                                                  Handsome trio!

Todd and Casey
Great to see these two together!

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  1. Very handsome group! Wish we could have joined you. And I love your quote - we certainly never get past wanting to "mother".


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