Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What are you . . .

What a great blog my friend Trish has and I borrowed today's post from her idea that you can read about here!

Trish writes that she would love to hear "what are you . . . "

Listening to:  I have been on a 6-9 month journey of going back to my first love in music - country.  We saw Billy Currington in concert at the Kansas State Fair and that spurred me to get back in touch with the new stars.  Clay and I loved watching the first two seasons of The Voice especially as Blake Shelton was the best coach ever!!  There is nothing like steppin' to some great country songs while on the treadmill.  I especially like the "beach feeling" songs of Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker and as mentioned above Billy and Blake!

Eating:  Nutrisystem has been my tool to use to lose many unhealthy pounds over the past year.  So basically good proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy carbs.  25 pounds off.  Ways to go.  Next subject please.

Watching:  Just finished up with The Bachelor season finale.  Refreshing in that this man Sean, and his fiance Catherine talked more about prayer and God than spending the night in the fantasy suite.  Hubs and I have gotten hooked on Blue Bloods on Friday nights.  Would love to be watching the next season of The Voice as soon as it starts!  A few Hallmark and Lifetime movies when I have time.  That is about it.    Oh - Army Wives - until last night when they opened their season with the news that Claudia Joy had died.  Bad decision.

Reading:  The T & T Book Club Selection for February was After the Rain by Karen White.  Also reading my new Bible that focuses on the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life.  Several great blogs!

Making:  Just for fun and to experiment for a MJFarm badge, I am working on a small beginners needle point project.  Just to see if I like it or if I can do it.  The verdict is still out because when I get it finished what am I going to do with a 5 x 5 inch picture of an orange cat.  In the craft world I am making  a "camping journal" for my sister and her husband as they have just purchased a camper and want to try some adventures on wheels this summer!  Can't wait to hear about their trips!

Planning:  I am always planning!!   We are planning a family reunion in April.  I have a Summer Bucket List which includes a 25 mile bike ride with my bff Rebecca.    A "trial" camp-out with bff/Sister Tami and our husbands.   Week's vacation to help with Vacation Bible School and have our granddaughter Elaine stay with us.  We will jam pack that week with bike rides, pool, crafts, the zoo, parks, picnics, golf, etc.

Doing:  Today I have enjoyed a productive day of work.  We have recently hired a new person in the department and said good-bye to one.  Things are running quietly and smoothly.  Wasn't sure how to answer this question.  I am staying busy and having fun at home with exercise, animals, Mary Janes Farm, blogging, reading and sometimes cleaning.

Feeling:  Very excited for spring and even more so - summer.  I have not enjoyed this winter and normally that is not true - I have wanted to be outside - enjoying walks in the country and my flowers.

Loving:  My family.  My new town.  My new church. 

Wanting:  To wake up tomorrow and weight loss be easy.

Thinking:  I am thinking that it is sure fun to buy new clothes - I like having new clothes. 

And looking forward to:  Being my most healthy size and enjoying every minute of life!  Looking forward to more grandchildren.  And I think a lot lately about retiring some day!!  Looking forward to some small trips with husband - trips to see kids - and possibly a cruise next winter!

What are you . . . ???  Would love to hear what you have to share!



  1. I am "wanting" right along with you! :) This is a fun way to learn about the person behind the blog. I'll check out Trish's answers, too.

  2. Hmm, I may have to join in on this.


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