Saturday, March 2, 2013

A weekend at home ...

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson

Our son Todd works for J.E. Dunn Construction and spends his work week in Houston, Texas.  He drives down to "the valley" the Rio Grande Valley to his home and family for weekends. Our DIL Gloria and our granddaughters Nikki, Julia, and Elaine are busy with school and activities as well.   Our daughter Casey teaches high school math and coaches basketball and softball. Our SIL Tracy is also a teacher and teaches Social Studies and coaches baseball.  Our grand kids Ben, Angie and Kristi are busy with careers and family also.  They all live in Topeka, KS.      I bring that up because I remember the days of having families and jobs and busy lives and then many times after finishing up a challenging week of school, work, meals, laundry, ballgames, ALL fun but busy nonetheless - we would then have a jam-packed weekend! Oh to be young again :) . . .

So one of the things we do enjoy NOW whenever we can -  is just having a weekend "at home". It may be spent relaxing or it may be spent working around the house. Clay is already working on a load of laundry (I know I know . . . I'm spoiled) and then he has plans to be out with his golf cart and trailer getting them ready for "the season".

I have some plans for today too - - - it was an especially busy week at work - - - so I had Saturday and Sunday planned about let's see - Tuesday of last week :)  thought I would just walk you through a day at the Henningsen household.

Every good day starts with this:




It's nearly 11 and I have one bathroom cleaned and sheets in the wash. Next up - mop kitchen floor. Wait!! This was to be a relaxing weekend at home right? Okay I'll take another break and read a little more with a glass of tea. . . . Be back later.

Noon and we are still working hard . . . I headed out to the dog pen to "clean" his house and shake his "blankets" and feed and water - - - In the recent snow storm we noticed that Roy our Weimeriner had lost his collar. It was buried deep in blankets in his dog house and we couldn't get to it - but today I found it and discovered it had been MISTAKEN for a chew toy - so add that to the Dollar General list for the day - - - The sun is out and hubs says if there was no snow on the ground it would be 50 degrees! It's actually beautiful! Puppies are loving running in the back yard!


Clays project for today is to touch up the paint on his trailer. He purchased it last summer and one of his employees decided to make good use of a slow day at work and do some extra welding on it to reinforce it - what a great guy! Thank you Skylar!!


Quick trip to grab some lunch and after shopping for a few items and dropping them off at the Sunday School classroom (tomorrow I start teaching Preschool-Kindergarten class) we are home and it's time to break for BASKETBALL!


KU now - and KSTATE tonight!!

Boring KU game and what could be better than a surprise visit from my mom and her friend/cousin Charlotte - time for coffee!! I was so in hopes that when moving to Beloit I would have coffee with mom regularly - she comes to Beloit about every day either by herself or with a friend - and of course she doesn't want to "bother" us - so doesn't stop nearly as often as I wish she would! So it's a treat!


And then another surprise for the day - It is our granddaughter Julia's l5th birthday. They are all in Corpus Christi at a dance contest for the weekend. Our DIL Gloria sent this picture! Happy Birthday to you Julia! We miss you and love you all!!



Heading to the basement with vacuum - going to clean kitchen floor and stairway. Did you know that you can vacuum vinyl floors? Don't know if it's a good idea but my vacuum has a setting for hardwood floors - and the vinyl down there is vintage - so why not? Quick and easy. Two more chores to do - - - and my all time least favorite is to unload the dishwasher and then . . .

Dodger's all time LEAST favorite chore - Did someone say bath??? I will quickly hide here on dad's lap and maybe she won't find me for that bath!



3:30 p.m. - Nap Time


I love love love Saturdays! I could sooooo retire any minute and fill my days right here on my little corner of the world. I hope you have enjoyed following me through a rather typical weekend. Tomorrow will be church and possibly a trip to pick up the golf cart and bring it home. Clay ran into a guy in Salina who said he can without a doubt fix our golf cart - that would be a huge answer to prayer!! Golf season is around the corner!


Hard on my weight loss plan - but we are headed for Chinese food. Then home to spend some time with my treadmill and then the K-State game. Go Cats!!

Great blessings in the day - God gives us an unknown number of days - spend them well - and if you'd like - leave a comment about how you spent your Saturday!! I'd love to know!! If you also blog - and want to post about your Saturday - then come back to this post and leave your blog address in a comment. I don't know how to do the linking thing :) so I think this will work.


Just the kind of fortune ALL BLOGGERS want to get!!

Perfect end to the day!

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  1. Sounds wonderful. A busy weekend always leaves me feeling unprepared for the week. Gotta have a little time to just unwind.

    Vacuuming your hardwood, vinyl or tile floors doesn't hurt a thing. Great way to get dog hair that's hard to capture with a broom.

    Hope you feel rejuvinated after your stress-free, rush-free weekend.


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