Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What happens at Grandma's house - stays at Grandma's house . . .

This blog post was written by our 10 year old granddaughter Elaine.  She recently stayed with us over spring break.  I showed her our blog and asked her if she would like to write a post.  This is her journal of her stay with us . . . 

March 15 - Grandma came and picked me up at my house.

March 16 - We rode the golf cart. Went to Alco and Apple Market. Watched Pitch perfect. We baked green and white cupcakes. Ate supper with Great Grandma and Grandpa at Country Club. Then we stayed up till midnight.

March 17 - We went to Concordia to get me a new iPod. played barbie and with the dogs. We went to church and I taught Grandma's class. They were fun. We had tacos for lunch and brats for supper. Then we went to the movie with Rebecca and Kaleb.

March 18 - Grandma went to work and grandpa stayed home with me. We watched TV and snuggled. We took turns playing on the Ipad. Grandpa cooked Pizza Rolls for dinner. Grandma came home early and we played golf. It was cold in some spots and warm in others. I drove the golf cart all around. Then we went to the library. (where i left my new ipod - but thankfully got it back by the custodian. I tried to pay him 20 bucks but he wouldn't take it) We went swimming and played basketball. Grandma gave me a pedicure while I screamed and shouted and giggled!

My last day here I will go to Great Grandma's house. We might go to the park, I will play in her basement restaurant and make Easter cookies. Delicious.

Then they will take me home. But I get to go to Aunt Casey's house and bug Tracy on Wednesday.

One of my favorite posts to do is to join in with Everyday Ruralty's Patrice when she asks a few questions and lets her readers respond.  Check her great blog out here.   I decided to try this with Elaine and here are her replies . . . 

My favorite thing I did at Grandma and Grandpa's house: Going to the movie.

I met a new friend - he was a Shetland Pony.

The most unusual thing I did was: Eat some candy for supper.

Why I like to come to Grandma's house: To see Dodger and Roy and Grandma/Grandpa.

They are special because: They are part of my family.

When I come to visit I feel: Not stressed but happy and sad.

Here are some pictures from my trip.

                                                   Elaine and American Girl McKenna

Teaching Sunday School 

                                                             Time to work out!

                                                           Cleaned up and hangin' with Dodger

Time for a pedicure!

                                                                       My new friend

                                                               Freezing on the golf cart

                                                                  Shooting hoops!


  1. Looks like a wonderful visit. So glad she's moved close enough to do this more often. What a blessing!

  2. Very sweet post...grandchildren are gifts from God, no doubt about that!


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