Saturday, March 23, 2013

Move over Texas - we are coming down!

Spring has sprung - - - a leak I think - - - We celebrated the first day of Spring with news of another winter storm approaching fast.

As a former winter gal, I'm surprised that this is bothering me - and knowing we need the moisture to bust the drought - I still can't help yearning for spring and summer to arrive.

Casey and Tracy made it home this weekend - first visit since Christmas - but there will be no golfing, sitting around a patio fire, grilling, or playing outside with dogs. Snow started falling at about 9 a.m. today and continues all morning - - -

Perfect day for reading, watching March Madness, napping, and enjoying time together.

We fixed a pot of chicken and noodles and enjoyed an evening with Grandpa A. and more March Madness!

Packing my bags and heading to Texas and warm beaches . . .

Blessings today in having family near . . .
Blessings today in good news from family in Texas . . .


  1. Glad to hear the good news from Texas. We headed to "sunny" New Mexico for a break from the cold, but it was windy and freezing. Guess we'll head back north. :)

    1. oh dear - I didn't realize that it was cold there! Hey - are you or anybody else getting these above comments from "anonymous" Do I have a virus?? I never click on the blog - AND check facebook for the book I think maybe I picked for March??? I got it on my Kindle and I think maybe we talked about it - - - It has the scripture about not losing our confidence.

  2. Some really crazy weather around the country!

  3. There has really been some crazy weather for sure.


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