Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's not complicated ...

Teacher's deserve so much credit.  My daughter and her husband both teach - We should all be so grateful for the special talents they possess and the job they do.

I think that possibly I would have liked teaching - but I just base that on my joy in teaching Sunday School.  I have taught for many years and all different age groups.  Recently I have taken about a year and a half break and have been at a new church so I was recently asked if I could take the preschool-kindergarten class.  I jumped at the chance  . . . I have missed it.  And although it no where  near compares to the time and effort that school teachers spend - there is that bit of prep work that is needed throughout the week to prepare.

I remember when I took the high school class for the first time - I was freaked out.  What a tough crowd.  I prepared myself with an ice breaker game of Bible Scattergories and LOTs of their favorite foods!  What a great group they are!

I am thankful for the opportunity to teach these young ones now - but as I get even a little bit older - I realize the tremendous responsibility to be used of God in this manner.

Today the simple message was that Jesus loves us FOREVER.  Not for one week - not for one month - or six years or until we mess up - - -His love continues forever!

So I showed up 30 minutes ahead and got things in order - - - we sat down at a table - three little ones and Miss Teri and started with playdough.  I felt like the guy in one of my all time favorite commercials that are on TV right now - for A T & T -  the ones that say "It's not complicated" - - - enjoy - - - these just crack me up.  And so did my new little class.


  1. What a fun age! And what a good lesson for all ages - God's love is forever. It's truly not complicated. These lityle hearts are lucky to have you as their teacher.

  2. Oh I remember playdough days. Gosh, I hope to have grandkids some day. I still wish I was able to have had at least one more kiddo.


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