Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Through my new found group of friends at Mary Jane Farms I have come across some great blogs to follow and interesting people to get to know.  Tonight as I was checking some of them out I saw the above picture and was just drawn to click on it - who doesn't love to sit on a front porch on a summer evening and just relax?  I was quickly challenged by Lazy J Bar C Farm to jump on over to Everyday Ruralty with Patrice and play along with her five questions for the week. A fun way to get to know each other!
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1. Is there a room in your home that you'd like to redecorate or remodel?

We just moved into our home and were able to paint the basement and carpet the house throughout at that time with the exception of the basement bathroom - which hubs took care of a few weeks ago.  So now that leaves us our "retro" kitchen in the basement that has 3 different wall coverings all dating to the l970's.  We have "gold" formica on the countertops and green vinyl on the floor.  I would love to have it all modernized with painted walls and a nice vinyl covering.  It serves the purpose of housing an extra refridgerator and two freezers, plus extra microwave and lots of storage!  My new "dreadmill" as I call it - Treadmill - sits in here too so it doubles as my work out room.  I would like to add a stove for those times you need extra food prepared.  That said . . . this remodel is only in the dreaming stage . . . at this time.

2. Did you watch the Oscars?

Yes and no - I watched the last hour - I didn't have much of an interest sadly - I just looked forward to my sister Tami's blog the next day for her Best and Worst Dress Winners!   I did think the little song that the two emcee's sang at the end of the show - - - to the LOSERS- - - was funny?? but slightly rude??  I don't spend much time thinking about movie stars - I think they are hard working people - but for the rest of their lifestyle, and the publicity, etc. . . I just don't spend much time thinking about them . . . I guess that is all I can say. 

3. How many pair of blue jeans do you own?

6 pair - - - Two pair that are left overs from last year - and they are baggy due to my 25 pound weight loss.  Then I have three new pairs that are smaller sizes and I absolutely love them!!!   THEN I have another new pair that fit when I had 30 pounds off - - - barely - - - I will find them even better when I am at 40 pounds off!

4. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Hands-down ... Fuzzy - - - A doll that I got when I was only a child - a toddler - - - she survived many days of play, nights of sleeping, being lost, being thrown up on, being torn - - - she had two new bodies made by my seamstress expert mom.  She has had clothes made for her.  She has always been front and center in my room - even into my high school days - - - and I confess - - - I spent many nights telling her my secret fears and secret joys - - - she was such a good listener.    She was offered to my daughter to continue on with more fun - - - but my daughter was more interested in basketball, baseball, and guns . . . Fuzzy was offered to my granddaughter Elaine . . . she prefered another doll I had or her own . . . So now Fuzzy lives with us still - - - and sits in the rocking chair in the living room each and every day . . . and I'm sometimes still tempted to grab her and tell her all my fears and joys!

5. If you could visit a country in Europe, which would you choose?  

I would choose Italy.   In one other word - Tuscany.  I dream of going there someday to a villa - with grapes and old rustic buildings for homes - Oh dear above I said I don't pay much attention to movie stars - but I do like movies - and one of my favs is "Under the Tuscan Sun".  I love the flowers, the music, and the leisure, calm appearing lifestyle.  I love to watch HGTV when they are buying homes in Italy - extravagant amounts of money for a home that we in the USA would not consider living in - - - ruins really - - - but I love to see what they can do with them.


                                                             A must see movie!

                                Thanks Patrice - this was fun!!


  1. What a sweet story about Fuzzy. :) That is how I felt about my teddy bear named Teddy. Yeah, I know. Really original. haha I took Teddy to college with me and into my new home with my husband. Years ago, Teddy fell victim to a theft of our belongings and I have no clue who has him now. :(

    Our oldest son had a Fuzzy when he was a toddler, only his was a blanky. He took it everywhere!

    I am a new follower and found you through Patrice's Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for checking me out and so neat to hear about your Teddy - and how awful to have experienced a theft - that's terrible. I will check out your blog as well!

  2. Fuzzy deserves a place of honor in the living room - she's traveled a lot of miles in her life. So cool that you still have her.

    I never knew you liked Under the Tuscan Sun. Great movie! We need to watch more movies together, I guess.

    1. Isn't that funny - I guess when we get together we talk instead of watching movies!!

  3. Welcome to the porch! I'm so glad you joined in. Sounds like you've done a lot in your house already. I agree that there are times a second stove would be nice. I think everyone needs a Fuzzy to talk to- even as adults.:) Yes to Italy!My mom took me there many years ago. Have a great rest of the week!

    1. The porch was lots of fun! I will follow you and look forward to joining in again.

  4. great movie. love it. need to see it again. great chat this week. enjoy your weekend. take care. ( :


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