Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blue Bear Looking for a Home ...

He's a cute little blue bear that proudly wears the #30 - but he is rather misplaced at the moment.

It's a sad story but here is how it goes - you see his owner sent for him and he promptly arrived in the mail all excited to sit on the shelf next to the red bear and the purple bear.   He is here to celebrate!  But wait . . . his owner has confessed - - - He is an illegitimate bear.
He must go back.

Well ... all silliness aside - the real truth is that this cute little bear comes from Nutri-System.  I started on Nutri-System one year ago.  It is a nutritional and very smart plan for gaining lifetime weight loss.  I have shared some off and on about my weight loss - and at one point - for one day - I had lost 30 pounds!!  I am feeling fantastic and learning to exercise and getting stronger all the time. Nutri-System has all different colors of friendly little bears to send to you to document every 10 pounds you lose - and so I quickly earned my 10 pound Bear and then in a few months more I got my 20 pound Bear - - - and after about 9 months time and lots of exercise and food choice changes - I recorded my 30 pound weight loss and received the above 30 pound bear.  

Well I'll go easy on myself - but tomorrow is my 54th birthday and I have messed around and made poor choices and gained back about 7 pounds.  THIS isn't gonna happen folks.  I have worked way too hard to screw this up now!  But I don't feel like I have really truly earned the 30 pound bear so alas - he is homeless at the moment until I can work my way down 7 pounds and reclaim him for myself!  

So - - - Happy Valentines to all my readers - especially to my family who reads this - I love you all and I am gonna love myself enough in my 54th year to get to my goal weight!!!


  1. It's so frustrating to see how quickly we put those pounds back on. But it's great that you are determined to get back on track so don't send the little guy away!

    1. Thanks Patti! Happy Valentine's to you!

  2. You earned that bear once and you'll do it again. You are an awesome, determined woman and I'm so proud of the life changes you made at 53! 54 is your year to achieve your weight-loss goals and much more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    1. Thanks Tami! For being my sister, coach, and best friend!


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