Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day

Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night 
will always fill my heart with sweet clarity. 
     Novala TakemotoMissin' (Novel)

Was ready for spring.  
Have an aversion to mud.
Just got the yard and dog pen dry from the last big snow.
Thankful for the moisture though.

We did all the usual things that people tend to do when the National Weather Center starts to predict 18-24 inches of snow - with ice - power outages expected.  We start to nest.  Pick up the dog toys in the back yard.  Put away objects that might blow with the snow.  Got the Pampered Chef in the back end of the Edge delivered.  Snow shovels in place.  Head to the grocery store of course.  Thinking not only of necessary items like toilet paper and milk but also food you can eat when the lights go out.  Do a quick load of laundry before the power goes out.  Arrange for hubs to drive me to work so I don't have to get my car out.  Take a nice new blanket out of the warm dryer and tuck in the big dog house for him - yes he is spoiled!  Check to make sure I have books to read and of course I do!
Call mom and make sure she is being safe and warm.  Call the kids.  Call the grandkids.
Done.  Let it snow.

I am not a psychologist but I wonder if the above phenomenon is just my quirkiness or if it belongs to everyone?  What makes us batten down the hatches?  Is this some sort of learned behavior?  Some would say it is a desire for things to sloooooww down so we can rest and enjoy life.   Is it a fight or flight instinct?   Or is there just something cozy about a warm house and falling snow.

It's nearly 10 p.m. and the snow really hasn't been very heavy yet - but the latest report really does have North Central Kansas in the 18-24 inch possibilities.  Praying for safe travel for everyone out there!  Be safe and be smart!   And so that this isn't just a bit of a rambling from me - I will include the top ten things you can do to prepare for a winter snow storm:

#1 Keep a bag of warm clothes handy - one bag for each family member.  That way if the power is off you don't have to look for warm clothes in the dark.

#2  Pay attention to your local newscasts.

#3 Have extra blankets handy.

#4 Have flashlights with extra batteries.
Have candles and lighters.

#5 Have nonperishable foods on hand.

#6 Bottled water.

#7  Charge up cell phones ahead of time and ipads, etc.

#8 Have things for family to do such as board games,  books, crafts, etc.

#9 Turn off heat in rooms you are not using, if possible.

#10 Stay indoors as blizzard conditions can be very dangerous.

I'd love to hear - did you have a snow storm?  How did you prepare?  What kinds of things do you like to do when you are snow bound?

Stay warm and safe!


  1. As a child, I lived through a blizzard that went through our area. I don't remember our parents going into a panic either. However, as an adult, we struggle with frozen pipes in our old farm house, when temps get very cold. We have to fill up large jugs of water to make sure the goats, horse, chickens, dogs and cats have enough. Then we need more water for flushing toilets.

    1. Wow - it would be scary with livestock and frozen pipes are not fun either! Thanks for sharing Kristina!

  2. Although my husband seems to lack that gene, I think prepping for a storm of any kind is human nature. Maybe it's a "mom thing" - to be sure everyone and everything is protected and cared for.

    1. It sure could be a mom thing! Hope all goes well at Green Acres during the storm!


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