Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Fantastic News

Thanks for checking in with my exercise and weight loss tip, word of encouragement, or lesson learned for February!

Starting allllll over . . . . bummer.

Was I really jogging and running on my treadmill?  Just recently?   It's a vague memory, but I know that I did it and it was rewarding!  Then the bug hit and I haven't exercised for several weeks.  Now I'm back at it slowly and so my word for this month is  . . . diligence . . .

   Meaning: persevering determination to perform a task

So I decided to ask Mr. Google - how soon do I return to exercise after being sick?

My information comes from

Respiratory Sickness

When your lungs are involved, you need to avoid working out. Exercise puts a strain on your body and weakens your immune system. A respiratory infection can lead to bronchitis and even to pneumonia if the body is not allowed to rest. Pushing yourself in these situations will do more harm than good. In an article in The Washington Post, immunologists suggest waiting two weeks after such an illness to resume exercise.


When you have a fever, you should not work out because your body temperature is already too high. Working out naturally raises your body temperature and elevates your heart rate. You do not want to intensify the effects of a fever with physical exertion. You could end up loosing too much water and fainting. Dr. Edward Laskowski on advises against working out if you have a fever.

The Common Cold

In a 1997 study conducted at Ball University cited in "The Washington Post," 50 student volunteers were infected with the common cold. Half were asked to exercise while the others rested. The duration of the cold was not increased in those who worked out versus the students who rested. Dr. Laskowski on suggests, "Exercise is usually OK if your signs and symptoms are all 'above the neck' --- symptoms you may have with a common cold, such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing or minor sore throat."

My next question is . . . what have I had, the flu? a cold? bronchitis? pneumonia? . . . and since I won't be getting an answer I have decided to take it slow tonight and go on a stroll - - - Nothing too fast for too long - - - but something to circulate some blood and give me strength!

Check back in March for my next lesson learned on this weight loss/exercise to better health challenge!


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  1. Every challenge involves some setbacks. But that's part of life and since you're making a lufetime change, that's to be expected. Take it slow and be ready for sunshine and fresh air.


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