Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foot note

This is definitely a post for the miscellaneous label section - and possibly it may cause my children to shake their heads - but - it's my blog and I have some very helpful information to share with all of my readers . . .

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. -- Leonardo da Vinci.

I agree with da Vinci. And when the human foot is healthy - - - life is good. When the human foot is not healthy - - - well I spent 3 summers experiencing this - - - summers in flip flops, dry, cracked heels, painful misery with each step - - - so I must share.

My first step was to visit a podiatrist, right? Foot doctor. He was not helpful. My second step was to visit a dermatologist. He saved me. First of all I was told - don't wear flip flops. Wear shoes and socks. I was then given the strongest, most potent corticosteroid ointment to apply for two weeks along with 40% urea cream to apply to my feet at night. The cream would soften the callouses. Works beautifully. Slowly they healed. I also was given Vanicream to use and in fact was told to have a bottle of it at every faucet in my house for my hands as well. It can be found at Walgreens and most Walmart stores - but you have to ask in the pharmacy.

Slowly - with a routine that added about 30 minutes to my bedtime routine - including sleeping with socks on - I began to heal. I could walk again normally.

If you are shaking your head - that's okay - it probably means you have never had cracked feet. Every step was torture. I'm so thankful that I found relief. I will never take my foot health for granted.

I continue now with some of the regimen and I am able to rotate on and off of the medications, only using it periodically - but always using good lotion.

Here is what I have on hand:
Urea cream 40% - prescription only
Urea cream 20% - can be bought over the counter
Steroid - prescription only

This brings me to my last suggestion and saving grace - - - PEDICURES.
Some would say that it is a self-indulgent, have a special me day, thing to do.
For me it is medicinal :) or at least that is what I tell my husband.
I discovered that getting a pedicure after I got my feet healthy was a fabulous way to make them even more healthy!!! And pretty!!

So . . . after the drs. bills were paid and the budget adjusted for monthly pedicures and the little foot care goodies are purchased for home - I can even manage to slip into "flip-flops" once in a while in the hot summer time. (But only Crocs brand) No more cheap flip flops for this girl.

Hopefully if anyone has shared in this not very talked about misery - you will find something helpful from my experience! I have had fun sharing - and especially making the hubs photograph my nice healthy feet for the blog!


  1. Good advice - and such lovely feet :)

    1. Have I crossed a blogging line?? :)

  2. We've been told since being wee ones that others should come first. It ain't necessarily so! If we haven't taken care of ourselves, we have nothing to give. Still looking at that lesson in my life.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and you make a great point!


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