Monday, February 18, 2013

To knit or knot???

Late Breaking News!!

I have decided on the 5th and final new thing I will learn in the year 2013.  If you remember from my original blog post I challenged any of my readers to try to learn some new things.  It is great for the mind and it is proving to be fun!

My list is as such:

Become card certified in CPR - and I am official now - CHECK

Want to learn to load and shoot a gun. When it warms up!

Want to learn algebra I.  When my daughter is on summer break!

Going to do the electric slide!    Anytime I can get my daughter/nieces to teach me!

And . . .

Lastly I will learn to knit!  This is the blog post that got me thinking - I used to knit and I liked it - and I love those dish cloths!

Now to find a fellow-knitter!!


  1. Teri I have the dishcloth pattern on my blog. I'll repost it for you today.

  2. Knitting and/or crocheting are on my list of Five New Things to Learn, also. Maybe we can figure it out together. So far I just knit a few rows, pull them out and try again. :)

    1. Yes I remember that is what I used to do too!


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