Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Signs of spring

For the first signs of spring . . . I had to look closely ...

As part of Pin It Do It February - thanks to Trish - I vowed to create two craft projects this month.  Alas I have decided to drop one of the ideas - but I did come through with my spring wreath as pictured above.  The original pin was for a 3.00 wreath - I may have had to spend a little more but certainly as far as wreaths go - it was very thrifty.  An 11 x 14 inch frame that I already had and a sprig of two different greens - some yellow ribbon and I was set!  I now have a complete years' worth of door decorations from Patriotic (summer), Scarecrow Wreath (fall) Christmas (winter) and now my spring green!  Welcome to our home!!

I have been able to spend about an hour outdoors with the dogs this week after work - then I remember it is still winter and I'm cold - but today while playing some fetch and just having a good conversation with the dogs - I spied a couple of "green things"    If you look real close - the sedum is coming back to life!!  In an earlier post I talked about my plans to add some succulents to the garden this year - but these two specimens came with the house so I'm excited to see they are coming back!

Finally - I'd like to share some of the ideas I am working on for this summer's flower garden and patio.  When we bought our new house last summer we found an old wash tub in the shed out back and I quickly threw some potted petunias into it and voila a flower garden - It was 110 in the shade and I didn't think I could start from scratch with new plants.  This summer we are planning to do it right and get some soil - and hopefully end up with something like this . . .


  1. How did I not know about the washtub? I live your ideas and I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Can't wait to sit on your new patio, sip a Diet Coke, and admire all your gardening.

  2. I LOVE the idea of the washtub flower gardens. We really struggle in the summer with our heat (Dallas) and depending on the size I could probably (have someone) move the tubs to some more shady areas. And congrats on finishing the wreath! Thanks as always for participating.


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