Sunday, February 3, 2013

What a buzz . . .

Ha - this will get me a text from both children . . . but if you are following with me . . . I have a cold . . . just overdid the Nyquil cough medicine . . . sooooooo I'm reading "Secret Life of Bees" and having quite a "buzz"!!!  Whoa - no wonder it works - it just knocks you out for awhile!

On page 25 of my book - a slow reading day - but I have also read several days of my devotional so that I am caught up there as well.

I'm just curious for any of you out there signed up today - why do you like to read?  I can tell from all of the comments and your blogs that readers share a special love - I'm just curious - Curious why it appeals to each of you!

Side note:  I'm enjoying my book with my new homemade book mark - made by sister Tami at Just One More Thing.

Reading on . . .

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  1. That's the cutest bookmark I've ever seen!!! Ha - you must have a buzz going. Be careful with the meds and keep reading.


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