Monday, February 25, 2013


Professional bull riding - That is one topic I never dreamed I would blog about! My husband used to ride bulls as a young teen - "not the big bulls like at the PBR" he says, but still . . . So he was excited last December 9th when he read online that the PBR was to be at the Sprint Center in Kansas City - and tickets were going on sale Dec. 10th. He quickly grabbed four tickets and called our daughter Casey to see if they would like to go!

Thankfully, after 10 inches of snow fell, the roads were quickly cleared and we sped on down to Kansas City for the weekend of bull riding, cowboys, cowboy clowns, music, brats, and many laughs.

I've been to several different kinds of sporting events - basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and at some you will hear a prayer offered up - but rodeo and cowboys seem to have the real deal - the prayer - which brought nearly every cowboy to his knees - included prayer firstly for the animals, then the cowboys, and lastly for forgiveness of sins.

The fans - some were obnoxious - but most were there to watch the talent and cheer on their favorite bull-riders.

The rodeo clowns or the bull-fighters - as they were called - were there to work hard - to protect the rider - and did indeed many times deter the bulls at just the right moment - to save a downed cowboy.  One special bull-fighter - Flint - entertained us all both on camera and off camera with jokes, stunts, music, dancing, - a clown you say - - - I say a multi-talented musical, athletic performer!

Side bar: Did any of you ever have recurring dreams when you were growing up? I did and I don't remember whether I ever told my mom or dad or anybody??  Until this weekend.   But all through my childhood I dreamed from time to time that a bull was chasing me. It was horrible and it was very real.

That explained - it makes it even more amazing that I was sitting just a few feet from these huge, overpowering, angry-looking, magnificent animals. I was afraid that they could at any time come over the fence that separated us and the "cardboard" signs that covered the fence. I was assured the fence was heavy duty with much reinforcement. But my heart stopped in my throat as they came close.

Two days of competition in a great arena, in the Power and Light District, outdoor live music, and lots and lots of cowboys, cowgirls, and fans. Blessings with family and new experiences!

                                                                   The bull-fighters

                                             Autograph Time - Casey getting autographs for Clay

"Bow the knee before the ride, bend the knee in perfect stride, saddle up and take your stand, 
bull rider is the truest man." -Samuel Clemens


  1. I've never to be a bull-riding event, but it sounds like a great new experience! I bet they make it lots of fun for the spectators.

    1. They really do Marie - a lot of fun that doesn't get on TV - behind the scenes entertainment. I loved the music it was the best part for me!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! I enjoy watching - but it's a bit scary, too. But a great time with family, no matter what the entertainment.

    1. We did have fun - I have a fun video but I can't get it to post to facebook.


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